Fern Drew



The benefit of being a Meals on Wheels recipient is not just the healthy meal, but also knowing that someone will check on you every day. It was such a daily welfare check that kept Fern Drew from being more seriously injured.

On the day driver Samantha Golden arrived to deliver Fern's meal, she couldn't get an answer at the door. Samantha notified the Lifescape office and then returned to try again. This time she heard the faint sound of someone crying "help me." Samantha again notified the office who then contacted 911. We were told they had received a Lifeline call to Fern's address and an ambulance was already on the way. Samantha then called the office to let them know the ambulance had arrived. Paramedics said Fern had fallen in her garage and injured her hip. She was taken to the hospital for treatment and is now recuperating in a rehab facility.

Samantha's consistent effort to get in touch with Fern, along with her Lifeline contact, resulted in a quick response and helped avoid what could have been a much worse situation.