Byron Reynolds



Action by one of Lifescape’s many Meals on Wheels volunteers proved they do more than just deliver hot meals.  They take personal interest in the well-being of our home delivered meals recipients.

Tomiann Zwonitzer had stopped to deliver lunch to Byron Reynolds.  When he opened the door, Tomiann was surprised at what she saw. “His eye looked like a blood mass,” she said.  “Lots of heavy bruising.”   Byron explained to Tomiann he had fallen walking up the stairs a few days ago and had hit his eye on the handrail.  Tomiann’s boyfriend, who happened to be a paramedic, was accompanying her that day on her route and suggested Byron see a doctor.  After completing her route, Tomiann returned to Byron’s house and took him to the emergency room.  After evaluating his injuries and keeping him overnight for observation, Byron was released with some medication.  Byron called Tomiann to let her know his situation so she returned to the hospital and took him home. She said within a week Byron was feeling and looking much better. “You couldn’t tell what happened,” she said. “ It was miraculous!”

Byron later called Lifescape to express his thanks for Tomiann’s caring and attention.  He believes Tomiann may have saved his life!

Like many other Meals on Wheels volunteers, Tomiann’s family has had a connection with LIfescape.  She says her grandparents received home delivered meals and she was grateful to know that someone was checking on them every day.  Tomiann became a Lifescape volunteer about a year ago after seeing information at a church volunteer fair.

“We’re all going to be there someday so if I can do this when I’m able, I hope someone can do this for me when I’m not.”